H Stanley Judd

H Stanley Judd – Biography 6/18/19
H. Stanley Judd is a Maui based author, film producer, composer and painter.

His books have been published by Harper & Row, Delacorte Press, Pocketbooks, Dell, Simon & Schuster and in Argentina.
His film, Hitchhiker, was distributed by Time/Life Corporation.
He has appeared on national, regional, and local TV and radio talk shows and has written articles published in magazines and newspapers.
An Honors Graduate, Yale University, he served as Gunnery Officer, USS Samuel N. Moore, DD747. On 11 May 1962 at 13:02 pm 400 nautical miles west of San Diego, he and his shipmates were ordered by President Kennedy to the South Pacific where they were placed 6,000 yards from an epicenter on which an atomic bomb was dropped.
H. Stanley Judd has been extremely fortunate in having lived an unusually interesting life. His writing therefore draws on a wealth of experience interfacing with some of the most influential people of our time.
This list of friends, acquaintances, and people he has met or been in the presence of up close and personal, includes: Harry Truman, Rod Serling, William Faulkner, J Edgar Hoover, Jane Fonda, Louis Armstrong, Rudolf Nureyev
, Russian Ballet Dancer, Ben Hogan, Grant Spaeth (former President, USGA), John Hersey, author, Matthew Broderick, actor, Andy North (two time U.S. Open Champion), Bing Crosby, Calvin Trillin, writer, Robert Semple (former New York Times White House Correspondent), Victor Borge, Dean Acheson (former Secretary of State), George Schultz, (former Secretary of State), Willie Mayes, Pete McClosky (former United States Congressman), Billy Graham, Sterling Moss (British race car driver), Bobby Short (saloon piano player), Peter Faith, Hollywood Agent, Senator Adlai Stevenson, Robert Penn Warren, author, Sir Godfrey Morrison (British House of Lords), Charlie Fenton, Hemingway Scholar, Wilber DeParis, jazz clarinetist, George Koltanowsky, U.S. Blindfold Chess Champion, Chief Justice Stevens, United States Court of Appeals, Jessica Tandy, Johnnie Weissmuller, Walter Brennan, (three-time Oscar winner), Helen Van Slike, author, Chris Serf, Children’s Television Workshop, Big Bird, Sesame Street,
On the Road
Widely traveled, H. Stanley Judd brings to his writing settings with which he is familiar … Hawaii, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Okinawa, Guam, Shanghai, Tahiti, Alaska, Beijing, Mexico, London, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Sydney, Australia, Seoul, Korea, Puerto Rico, St Martins, Martinique, St Thomas, Virgin Islands, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Canada, California and the United States.
In the Sweatshop
His career as journalist/reporter newspaper managing editor began when he covered the McCarthy Hearings in 1954. He was the Managing Editor of a California Weekly Newspaper. As a communications consultant he was assigned to numerous interesting assignments including: film production, international banking, investment , real estate development, pharmaceuticals, T.V. production (he hosted his own San Francisco T.V. show, Sunday on the Town), biotechnology, hotel and motel acquisition, advertising, newspaper publishing, and Golf.

Comments “…perhaps the most unusual show in all of UHF.” -NEWSWEEK comments on an H. Stanley Judd production”
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