(2)Welcome to ZENIDA

Welcome to


Our Home in the clouds

just follow the whales

where as our guest you can relax, leave your tribal cares tribal

pain and fear beside and escape in to the empty space Mother Nature give us al to bring peace, love, joy and spiritual tranquility to our family life

So let”s get started

A new way you can
(1) Master control over how you manage your (electronic energy) (light) to light up your life
(2) learn how to manage your behavior in the new digital age so your behavior harms not yourself or any other living form on planet earth
(3) Master your use of the power of (III) (three) (Pi) to live a robust, joyful, purposeful future in which you are in control of you


Launched (1) at (2)1200 midnight (3) on January 1st 2021


It’s simple. Love. fun and happiness comes when you learn how to manage your behavior, electromagnetic energy (carried by photons by the ‘life force’ within you. You master the skills of managing your behavior instead of letting your behavior manage you. You control your thinking rather than allowing your thinking to control your behavior.

IN our Learning Center you can learn how to unlearn every word you have stored in any file on your hard drive and instead start from zero (the empty space in which all FORMS exist) to control how you will behave in the present. In the NOW

OK Zenida is a practice just like Yoga or playing tennis or reading. Something you learn how to do. Zenida is the practice of unlearning everything you have (learned) (filed on your hard drive) by not deleting a file but just closing all files so that when you ‘think’ next you are starting fresh each moment in your empty space to create what behavior you will behave next

So let’s start with the Three Steps you can use right now to organize your ‘thinking’ so that you are rewarded with health, wealth and happiness all of which add up to only three forms:

(1) success (2) personal growth (3) purpose

Step (1) If there is something you don’t want in your life Change it

Step (2) If there is something in your life you can’t change Avoid it

Step (3) If there is something in your life you can’t change or avoid, why worry about it? Enjoy the rest of your day and see what happens next

H Stanley Judd

to be continued