Why I am an olD hippie

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

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an original digital painting by H Stanley Judd

I am an old Hippie who started my film company in 1967 in San Francisco
It was an awakening for us all when for a brief period, love replaced fear.

Laughter replaced the doom and gloom of the practice of democracy on planet earth.
Instead we all lived the ‘American Dream’ offered each of us in the Declaration of Independence that my ancestor’s brother, Caesar Rodney, signed but is denied by 9 lawyers (originally 7) to every child born on American soil who has black skin.

personal freedom


And we all learned how to be ‘born again’ in a climate of peace, tranquility, sharing and giving instead of taking
But it didn’t last long.
And soon the ‘democratic controllers’ regained power. Public servants became democratic slave masters once again
Now what you just read (in English) is an opinion that may or may not be correct outside the human condition, the empty space in which Mother Nature rules with neutrality.

So we have created this empty space outside of the jurisdiction of tribal control where you can come if you like to escape the internal pain and suffering of your life if you do not learn how to manage your behavior

In Hawaiian it’s called Kuleana