welcome to our digital coffee house

Have fun. You are now in our Digital Coffee House Grab a coffee and click where you want to go


Thanks for joining us

Ever since Ingrid died on March 14, 2015

To listen to audio click below

Our team has been working to craft a safe space on thee Internet, in the cloud (empty space) for families, kids (no matter what the color of their skin) and all of you who want to ‘Make the world a garden in which all kids, no matter what the color of their skin, can flourish and make their dreams come true’

But first we had to find the ‘space‘ in which we could gather outside of the human condition to step back a little from the stress, anxiety, fear and sometimes ‘hopelessness’ that the corono virus has brought to families all over the world

After 4 years, we have found a FORM. What better space to relax, let your cares and woes go bye and enjoy part of your day than a coffee house? So here it is. Welcome, whoever you are to a safe, kid friendly, untrackable, digital coffeehouse! For from planet earth in empty space in the cloud

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