PHYSICS How you can find peace of mind for you and your family in the Digital Age

This blog has been crafted to suggest new ways to learn how to find personal peace of mind in our Digital Age

We no longer live in the Tribal Age We have moved into the Digital Age where we have never been before. None of us know how to govern our personal behavior, govern our family behavior or govern the behavior of the Nation in which we live.

So what you will see on this blog are ideas in no way put forth to change your own thinking or beliefs but rather to see if in a civilized manor we can create a better world.

A better world for who?

Our Kids


“To make the United States of America and the planet a garden in which all kids, no matter what the color of their skin, can flourish and make their dreams come true.”


Where are we now?

In our view, this Nation, the United States of America (and the planet) is in great peril.

As the old Tribal, Political, Financial and Spiritual orders collapse and the new Digital Age begins we will experience a period of turbulence.

How long it will take to establish a new and successful (spiritually – driven) new age government is unpredictable But one thing is clear.

We must modify our Tribal thinking (thinking in our human condition) For example (the tribal physics of Einstein, Newton and the rest)/ our tribal philosophy / our tribal spiritual beliefs/ tranquility in a civilized dialogue.

And the mantra for personal success in the Digital Age (as it has always been) will be simplicity.

Our children deserve better.

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