Nuclear War is Bad for Kids, I know, I was there


OK. Let’s start with physics. Outside of the human condition, outside of HUMAN theory, outside of Einstein, Newton, quantum, physics, and all the rest.

The easiest way for you to move outside of the HUMAN CONDITION is to imagine that you are the last living person on planet earth.

Living in the empty space through which all FORMS move.

And empty space is empty

Many years ago. When I was under great stress, an insight came to me. And if you have ever been stressed, you know that sometimes solutions to issues come from nowhere. Pop into your brain. Coming from your heart, maybe, or maybe from the Life Force (photons) or maybe from God, whatever.

And here is the insight that, changed my life 40 years ago. And challenged physicists at Stanford and elsewhere with questions they could not answer, Tribally

The question was a simple one

“Does EVERYTHING = ZERO in empty space?”

At that time, I had no idea what the question asked, but it worked for me because if all the words, thoughts in my mind equaled zero, then why worry about what I could not change or avoid?

So, the stress I was experiencing vanished.

Years later, another insight popped into my mind. And here it is. And it changed the way I now think, my behavior, and my life.

“The FORM matter takes depends upon the conditions in which the FORM exists in empty space”

But that’s not the end of it. I discovered that physics outside of the HUMAN CONDITION, is simply the exciting personal capacity to test ‘everything’ against the empty space through which Mother Nature moves FORMS.


I was over 83 and still learning like a Kid.

That, a year ago led to a new insight that blew my mind

“It’s only when you know nothing, that you can learn everything”

  • H Stanley Judd

Very simple.

So that’s all the physics you need to govern your thinking in the future because the practice of your physics (your behavior) becomes your philosophy!

Any your philosophy will determine your behavior.

So, these old Posts that follow simply track the way we discovered how to restore our independent thinking to use physics to test what was working or not working in our daily lives. It is exciting!

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