Why do you fear death?


“Live as if it is your last day on earth but plan as if you will live forever” H Stanley Judd

“Why do you fear Death? You are just returning home at the end of your voyage into empty space from which you were born”
H Stanley Judd

Thanks for joining us and thanks to all of you from 100 nations who have visited us over the years.
I am a survivor of Nuclear Warfare who stood on the bridge of my destroyer, Samuel N More DD747,
during the undeclared Viet Nam War when an atomic ASROC (anti-submarine rocket weapon) detonated an atomic bomb on an epicenter 6000 yards away exposing my skin (unprotected) with excessive radiation that has caused unbearable pain over the past 58 years, 4 cancers, three removed by surgery.
Trust me. Nuclear War is not good for kids.


“May God save the United States of America”

No one was either Tory or Whig; it was either dependence or independence’ – Caesar Rodney

PHYSICS is either personal freedom or personal slavery

Our Planet has moved out of the Tribal Age into the Digital Age and if we continue to apply tribal politics, tribal law (in which there has never been Justice) within the human condition and tribal war we will plunge the children of America (and the world) into the dark ages of the global slave state described in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Forty-Eight, war, drug addiction, suffering and painful death for our kids
But there is still hope. If we come together in peace of mind, love, harmony and purpose we can “Make the United States of America a garden in which all American kids (no metter what the color of their skin) can flourish and make their dreams come true.”

H Stanley Judd

Please listen to Barbara Jordan, a former Democratic Congresswoman from Texas

Please hear what we say

May God save the United States of America

Please join me on the bridge as I am being ‘nuked’

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