PHYSICS outside condition. Isn’t it about time to craft a Unified Theory Kids can Understand?

Hi Kids,

We are no longer in the Tribal Age. WE now live in the Digital Age (in which a 9 year old is most likely more up to date in managing the Internet then WE (no longer teenagers) are

If we don’t learn how to think outside the tribal human condition we (all 7,000,000,000 +of us) are in great dang er of destroying life on our planet that can sustain life as we know it.

None of us know how to govern ourselves, govern our family, govern our Nation or govern the planet because we have never been here before.

What follows may help you understand how things work in what old timers call “The Universe”

Everything you need to know is right here so you don’t need to travel to outer space to understand how things work. Everything you need is right here.

Good luck

WE have coined a new definition for understanding how things work outside the human condition:


So what follows is only one view of how things work.  From now on each of us must learn how things work in our personal voyage.

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Good Luck